Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Last October I made list of activities that I wanted to do before I turned 30. It wasn't a 30 before 30 list, it was just activities that I really wanted to do. Let's see how I did, shall we?

1. Join a wine club Win (sort of)
The liquor store I frequent has a wine club, but you basically just sign up and they send you specials on wine. If I trusted that no one would snatch my monthly wine delivery in my building, I'd sign up to have wine delivered. Maybe once the snow starts flying.

2. Take a vacation Win 
Girls trip to Cabo!

3. Sit in a green cushioned seat at a Twins game Win
Did one better and sat in a Suite!

4. Plan a 'cocktail' party at my new apartment 50/50
It wasn't a planned cocktail party but I have entertained friends on several occasions where cocktails were served. Since I've only been in my new location for just under 2 months, I'll give myself partial credit.

5. Go to a show at Bryant Lake Bowl Fail
They do a cabaret show that I haven't been able to find anymore. So fail for not going to a show, but fail on Bryant Lake Bowl for getting rid of the cabaret show.

6. Take a cooking class. Fail
I had high hopes that I would have met someone and we would go on fun, cute dates and a cooking class would be one of those. Doesn't that sound like such a fun date?

7. Go ice skating at the Depot or Rice Park Fail
Again, I thought this would be a blast for a date. I was asked on an ice skating date at the Depot, unfortunately we missed the season by literally a day. Every. Single. Rink closed the same week. Even though in MN it was still -20. 

8. Go to a vineyard Fail
Does a liquor store count? How about an apple orchard? No vineyard for this girl...

9. Take a photography class Fail
A while back my cousin gave me an old camera of hers that needs some fine tuning and I never had the extra cash to throw towards fixing up the camera. Once I do, I will definitely take a class and learn how to use it properly.

10. Kick ass. Take names. Win
I kicked ass and landed myself a great new job and a lovely little condo in a happening area of Minneapolis.

I didn't accomplish everything on my list, but the past year was a great one. It had its ups and downs, but 29 didn't disappoint.

August  - I went to the state fair

September - A bachelorette party in Milwaukee, a wedding in Fargo and an engagement! In non marital news, I went apple picking too!

October - I went to Octoberfest in Minneapolis and a wedding in Milwaukee

November and December were filled with holiday gatherings

January - Girls trip to Cabo!

February - I went to Crashed Ice.

March - a 7K and St. Patricks Day

April - 2nd Annual Girl Cousin Sleepover, a new 2nd cousin and I started a new job

May - I had my very first giveaway on this here blog.

June -  Summer officially came to the Midwest and I took full advantage of lake time and a bachelorette party. 

July - 2nd Annual Cousins Cabin Weekend,

August - I turn 30...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Review 22

You'll never guess what I did this weekend. It's so out of character I couldn't believe it!

I went to the cabin...

Let me first back up to Thursday. My dad's company had a suite at the Twins game and I was able to go with. It was the perfect day for an afternoon game!

After the game a few of us enjoyed some rooftop action at Seven where you get a free drink with your game day ticket. Unfortunately, then they take your ticket so you can't get the special anywhere else. Had we known that, we would of snatched up the 20 unused suite tickets we had and bar hopped all night.

If there's one lesson I really want to learn before I turn 30, it's to just go home after a day of drinking when everyone else calls it quits. Luckily I have a few more hours to learn that lesson. Thursday however, I decided to go listen to some music at a local jazz club and only knew I took a cab home by checking my bank account the next day. Will I ever learn? Lets hope so.

Friday I took off from work a bit early and was able to by pass all traffic North to the cabin. We went to Jed's for dinner and played the meat raffle where we won some beef! It was a funny story because they called our number 7818, only my tickets were misprinted! If we hadn't kept the tickets connected I think they would have called bologna on our win and would have picked another number. We had 7817, 6818, 7819...They let us win, but it wasn't without a few hecklers calling us cheaters.

Saturday was all business and no play. Well, except for our awesome outfits.

Had to protect ourselves from poison ivy, spiders, snakes (luckily didn't see any), ants, etc.
Our neighbors are getting a dumpster over the long weekend, but I refuse to do manual labor over Labor day weekend...or are you supposed to do labor on Labor day? I'm confused...anyway, instead of working over the long weekend I went up and helped mom and dad sort through a giant pile of garbage that the old owners left behind our pole barn.

I was in charge of manning the fire and burning old wood that we found. Mom and dad took old siding, windows, bricks, paint, boat seats/cushions, floats, insulation, a hide-a-bed, and neatly piled it on two trailers so when the dumpster does come, they can just re-pile in the dumpster.

You can see we made some progress
We worked for 8 straight hours and it was exhausting. It was so hot and humid that we were hydrating with Busch light and Redd's Apple Ale and never get a buzz because we were sweating it all out.

As our reward we went to Jed's again for burger night. If you are ever in the Siren/Webster area, I really do suggest deep fried pickle spears and one of their build-your-own burgers. They are really good. Plus you have an amazing view of Clam Lake and the sunset.

Sunday was pretty typical. I got up early and beat the traffic to the cities and spent the rest of the day picking up the apartment and binge watching True Blood. I could barely keep my eyes open after putting down a big ginger and a frozen pizza that I was passed out, snug as a bug in a rug by 9:00 pm. Now that's winning at life.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Review 21

These posts are starting to repeat themselves. Friday Kari and I headed up to the cabin. I was able to leave a bit early so we got up just after 5:00 and headed to Jed's for dinner. We started with fried pickles and I proceeded on the fried food train and got chicken strips, mozz sticks and cheese curds. I have a serious weakness for fried food. Especially fried cheese.

After dinner we took advantage of the perfect weather and took a sunset boat cruise around the lake.

Saturday we were all up and moving before 7:00 am. That's our fam though. I laced up my tennies and hit the pavement for a three mile run. I figured if I was going to eat fried pickles, chicken and two kinds of cheese, I needed to get in a run.

We had a lovely breakfast and mimosas on the deck where Kari had me do the Pure Barre workout warm up. There's a lot of similarities between Pure Barre and PiYo. It didn't take long after breakfast for us to throw on our suits and hit the Island Oasis for some quality floating/sun time.

We spent the weekend celebrating Dads birthday and in honor of that, mom and dad decided to take advantage of the amazing weather and not do any work around the cabin on Saturday. We took a boat cruise and had a lunch time pit stop at the sand bar where Kari and I continued to show off our PiYo and barre skills. All morning we were watching the clouds part and go around the lake but we got caught in a brief downpour while playing at the sand bar. It was so much fun! The rain was warm and refreshing. Not a single boat packed up and left. Everyone stayed in the water tossing footballs, floating and just having a grand ol time!

It was one of the first times all Summer that we were able to enjoy a couple hours out there, playing in the water and just relaxing with warm temps and just the slightest breeze. There were no friends or family to entertain, to one we had to get back to the cabin for. I would describe Saturday as simply perfect.

For dinner I grilled up some delicious filet mignon and we had mashed potatoes and corn on the cob, followed by a fire at the neighbors. There was a chance they would be coming back to have a fire, but no such luck so we just enjoyed their fire pit, hoping it would feel like they were there.

Sunday was dad's official birthday and we spent it at one of his favorite restaurants, Chino Latino. Their Sunday happy hour is the best. I suggest the spicy edemame and the poblano fundito to start. And a drink with a plastic animal of some sort.

Just as we were wrapping up, they surprised dad with a fun little dessert.

Happy Birthday Dad!


Friday, August 15, 2014

PiYo week 6 + half marathon training

Week 6 of PiYo is proving to be a tad tricky since I need to incorporate my half marathon training into catching up with PiYo. I'm thinking at this point of the game I'm not going to finish in 8 weeks, but I'm certainly not quitting PiYo. Just going to ease up on the two a days and see how things go while I bring in my training runs.

Monday - I was in a funky monkey mood on Monday and couldn't find motivation anywhere. Not even in my couch cushions... which is where I planted my bottom for the whole darn night and proceeded to eat left over pizza and waffle cone ice cream.

Tuesday - I haven't ran in weeks, so I started with a two mile run. I was surprised with my ability to run the first mile under 10:00. For mile two I did sprints. The path that I went on has a ton of bridges that are spaced out pretty evenly so I would sprint to one bridge, walk to the next, and repeat.

Wednesday - I don't know what got in to me, but the PiYo bug jumped up and bit me on the butt. I did Core, Buns, and Strength Intervals. Yes, I did ALL three workouts. I threw on my Garmin after Core and burned 292 calories during Buns and Strength Intervals. I love all three, my only problem with Strength Intervals is that I live in a very old building with old, creaky hardwood floors. Running in place isn't so wonderful for my downstairs neighbor. I really love Buns and Core though. I always feel sore and it's that lovely constant reminder that you kicked your own arse.

Thursday - I had to get in another run. This was a three miler and it felt really damn good. I absolutely LOVE living off the Greenway because you are connected to miles and miles of trails and every run can take you on a new adventure. Speaking of Green things, I made my Shakeology Greenberry with a banana and I pounded it! I had done chocolate and a banana the day before and I'm just not a chocolate and banana fan, but the Greenberry and banana was amazeballs.

Friday - No PiYo and no running today. Heading up to the cabin to celebrate my dad's birthday and soak in Summer while it's still here.

Next week will be running with post PiYo, or morning PiYo with evening runs. We'll see what happens!