Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Review 44: VIP

This past weekend was definitely one for the record books. I had been in a bit of a funk and then I forced my self to go out with my friends on Friday night. A couple weeks ago, we all bought tickets to go to Wits, but I just wasn't feeling it. After selling off my ticket twice, I eventually found it back in my possession, so I figured I should go and socialize with my friends who I don't get to see very often.

A few of the girls met for a prosecco happy hour before our Green Line journey to St. Paul began. The train ride wasn't so bad and I would probably do it again to save on cab fare.

When we arrived in St. Paul we met up with the rest of the group for a quick dinner before heading over to the Fitzgerald Theatre. I had never been to the Fitzgerald, but it's a beautiful old theatre. We sat in the upper balcony and had a great view of the show. Eric Stonestreet, Cam from Modern Family, and Brandi Carlile were the shows guests.

Brandi played several songs off her new album and Eric was just funny as could be. The two played really well off each other too.

I had never been to a live taping of a radio show, so it was fun to see the interaction between everyone and how a radio show is put together. If you have some time, I suggest listening to a few of their shows, or even going to one.

Saturday was a day I had been looking forward to for a little while now. I'd had my eye on some court side Timberwolves tickets for quite some time and made the purchase while I was on vacation. That decision couldn't have come at a better time since Kevin Garnet came back to MN last week!

I had bought these tickets as a birthday present and tried to hold off sharing the details of the tickets, but my excitement got the best of me and I blabbed. The fun thing was, he didn't understand just how close the tickets actually were to the court, and the home team bench.

We started out by going to the Lexus Club locker room where we were given our own locker to store our jackets before being taken upstairs for dinner and drinks.

There were several different stations with all sorts of different food. Salads, steak, pasta, queso, cake, veggies, the options were endless.

As we were enjoying our meal, Greg Jennings of the Minnesota Vikings came in with his son and sat right next to us.

With a few minutes left before tip off, we headed in to the stadium to find our seats. They were even better than I had expected.

The Wolves put up a decent fight, but I was informed that those Grizzlies are a pretty decent team, so the loss was somewhat expected. Especially after KG was kicked out of the game.

As someone who is not a big basketball fan, this was one heck of a fun time and I'm so happy that I splurged on these tickets.

Sunday was another milestone day. My car hit 111,111 miles.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I'm in an UpTown Funk

Do you ever have those moments where you feel completely defeated, but for no reason? There's nothing bad going on in my life. It's actually going quite well. I have a full time job with regular pay checks, I have a cute apartment in the city, I have a rather swell guy I enjoy spending time with, I just got back from a wonderful trip to Mexico. So why am I so down?

Last night I had a great little night in. I tell myself that if I don't go to the gym after work, I can't just go home and drink wine in front of the tv all night. I lit my new lavender candle, found a good country Pandora station and got to work organizing my desk and throwing out mail that had piled up. Next I moved to my closet. I have three bags of clothes that will be going to Goodwill this weekend of winter clothes I haven't worn once this season.

Once that was done, I poured another glass of wine, put on The Devil Wears Prada and congratulated myself on a job well done. I was able to go to bed nice and early only to be woken up by my upstairs neighbors who were either fighting or having a very exciting conversation while having a 'lets run in place as fast as we can' competition (I've heard them fight, I've heard them make up, I hear their music and what they are watching on tv). This went on for a solid 30 minutes. I don't know these neighbors, it was late at night and I'm living alone, so I made the choice to not go knocking on their door to ask them to quiet down. This happens almost every night and I finally got the courage to let my landlord know. Apparently my building has a very strict noise ordinance and if someone complains then the owner gets fined. Two to three complaints and the renter gets evicted. Let's hope this first complaint is enough to have them quiet down.

Another on going issue is the time of day the garbage men come to empty the dozen dumpsters in the back alley that I back up to. Monday, the first one came at 3:30 am. Today, the first one came at 4:55 am. The other night, that swell guy I've been spending time with, looked up the noise ordinance for garbage trucks and it's from 6:00 am - 10:00 pm. I finally put in a formal complaint to the city, so please keep your fingers crossed that the city of Minneapolis cares about me getting a restful 8 hours of sleep at night as much as I do.

Finally, last night I hung a cute little coat rack and lost a screw. After dumping out all my shoes and not finding the screw, I assumed it rolled under the couch and I'd find it the next time I felt like washing my baseboards.

I got a lovely surprise while walking to the bus station today. Barefoot in my winter boots. I found the screw.

I adore my little apartment, but if I can't get any sleep, it might be time to say goodbye when my lease is up this summer. I'm putting all the blame for my Debbie Downer, down and out mood on my lack of sleep this week.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Cabo 2015 Part 4 - Our final days

On our last full day in Cabo, we dedicated it 100% to the beach and getting maximum sun. We might have been a bit ambitious with our tender Minnesota skin, but we sure got plenty of sun.

It was valentine's day and the resort was setting up for a wedding so there were less beach chairs. It was also incredibly windy, so they put down all the umbrellas so there was no cover from the sun what-so-ever.

I found 6 chairs and plopped down with my vodka lemonade, Nicholas Sparks book and tanning oil, SPF 4. Silly girl.

As the day went on, I slowly began to cover my burning skin and adding sun tan lotion to any part of my body that hurt from the touch of the wind. It eventually became too much and we headed up to the kiddie pool that was warm, fully shaded, and kid free.

St. Valentine came to the resort which was way more creepy than romantic.

By late afternoon we were all officially sunned out. We spent some time searching restaurants and trying to plan where we should go on our last night. No one wanted to have to actually look presentable or have to go anywhere so we just headed down to the sports bar restaurant at the resort. 5/6 ordered the over salted cheese burger and watched the dunk contest on a big screen tv. It was the most romantic valentine I've ever had (insert sarcasm).

After dinner we walked down to the beach to check out the valentine dinner set up. They had tables spread out on the beach, with a hear drawn around them in the sand and each table had it's own little fire ring. It looked quite romantic.

We stalked the wedding reception that was going on poolside. As much as we all talked crap about the wedding while it was being set up and its location, the final product was quite beautiful and everyone seemed to be having a great time. If I wasn't walking around in a mustard stained dress, I would have tried to sneak in a dance.

Our final day we worked on finishing off the alcohol we had left over. I had a rum and coke with my bacon and eggs and then moved on to wine while packing. We mixed together some margaritas, packed up some vodka tonics and beer and hung out by the pool after we checked out.

We didn't finish everything that we purchased, but we did a good job. Since our ride wasn't coming until 4 to take us to the airport, we went to Mariscos Las Tres Islas where I had my first bite of seafood for the trip.

It was just how I remembered it from last year.

Next thing we knew it was time to go back to the resort and head off to the airport.

The Cabo airport is quite small, and with a late flight there wasn't much open. We had a short delay, but landed in MN around midnight to a whopping 9 degrees.

As I sit here, reflecting on this vacation, we hit a record low for the season. It was -12 without windchill today. Needless to say, I'm questioning why I came home, and when I can get out again.

To top off my coming home, I went to pick up my little lady from my cousins. It was snowing and cold. My tire blew. I called AAA and sat in my car with my fur baby on my lap and totally broke down. It was pathetic.

Cabo 2015 Part 3 - Whale watching

After a couple days of laying in the sun on the amazing beach, we took a day off and headed in to town to explore some local food and markets.

The only thing we wanted to accomplish for the day was to book a whale watching tour. There are people around every corner that want you to book with them. As we approached a corner, there was a young man sitting in his booth and he just asked if there was anything he could help us with. It just so happened that he works for the group that my parents time share is through.

I asked about whale watching and that turned in to us booking a zodiac excursion and learning all about A-Rods life. This young man has quite the story but was so helpful and personable. He was born in Mexico and when he was young his family made it to Arizona. He finished high school there and was working in a car wash when immigration busted the store and he was taken to jail before being deported back to Mexico.

His sisters are still in Arizona and his parents are in Mexico City and he is in Cabo, working away, selling excursions. He told us some of his favorite places to go for good local food and we were able to try some of them such as Pollo de oro and Mariscos Las Tres Islas, which I went to last year.

Whale watching day came and it was cloudy and the waters were choppy. Perfect conditions for whale watching! Excuse the over load of pictures.

After whale watching, Erin and I went our own way while the parents ventured out on their own. We walked some more of the marina and came across some locals cleaning and filleting fresh fish! It was so cool to watch!

Anyone could buy any amount of fish that they wanted. I couldn't believe how they used every inch of those fish and anything left over went to the pelicans.

We could feel some light rain so we headed back to where we started and found cover at a restaurant where we shared a bucket of beers and a quesadilla.

We were supposed to meet up with the parents, but since the day was young and we had such a fun time at Cabo Wabo, we thought we'd go one more time for happy hour! The clouds started to part and our server kept giving us happy hour prices so we hunkered down for a couple buckets and enjoyed the people watching.

We had one more restaurant on our list of restaurants to try during this trip, so we headed back to the resort to clean up and head out to Maria Jimenez. I was so tired during this meal from all those buckets of beers earlier in the day, but I remember liking my food. 

There was the cutest little boy, Fabrizio (sp?) who helped serve our table. I think they said he was only 10 years old. When we wrapped up dinner, we each gave him a tip and he went around the table and gave us each a hug.  It was a cute little restaurant and I would go back there again.