Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Review 30

After the week I had I knew the weekend wasn't going to slow down any. My friend Laura came to town on Friday night and soon after pouring a glass of wine we walked over to Coup d'etat to meet some friends of hers that were in town for the Gopher football game.

Whenever Laura comes to town we always go to Coup d'etat and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants whether it's just for a fun cocktail, dinner or their cheese curds from their late night walk up window. Since I had already ate dinner, we split the gnocchi which was delish!

After dinner we walked over to Boneyard for a nightcap and their nachos. They recently revamped their menu and it looks pretty good. The nachos had pulled pork, ham and bacon in it. Yum!

We didn't get to bed till after 2:30 am which was not smart on our end since we had our alarms set for 7:00 am. It's a good thing college football games are so early because I don't have the motivation to tailgate in the morning. But, we did get ourselves ready and got to the tailgate lot by 9:00. Luckily I had some bubbly and orange juice and we stopped at Isles Bun and Bakery to pick up some cinnamon rolls and puppy dog tails.

This was my very first Gopher football game and it was a blast!

After the game we went over to Stub & Herbs for some post game drinks and lunch where we met the Captain and had way too much fun dancing with our giant Captain heads.

For whatever reason we really felt the need to go all out and continue our day of drinking at The Local and finally ended the night at Republic

Laura left Sunday morning and I headed over to my parents house to hang out with Miley and see what doTerra oils might help my knee pain. I took a drop of the digestzen and that helped get rid of my heart burn, but nothing we tried was helping my knee pain. When I got home I iced it and that allowed me to sleep through the night, but as soon as I start walking, the pain is very real.

The Monster Dash 1/2 marathon is this weekend, and I'm really nervous/upset/annoyed that there's a big chance I won't be able to run at all.  This weeks plan is to just take it really easy, stay away from heels and ice the heck out of my knee in hopes that I can hit the pavement in a couple of days.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Week So Far...

As I predicted, my week was going to be an all or nothing week and it has very much been all with very little nothing going on. I wanted to stop by and share my weeks festivities so far because one of them in particular was quite interesting.

Monday - Bocce league kicked off with the first official game. You know how there's always that one guy who gets way to technical in any game/sport and it just ruins the fun? Yeah, we played that guy. At least we had two of his team mates on our end that were fun and way less serious. They were more into PDA and drinking than they were bocce, which was fine by me. Before bocce I took a great spin class and tried Jersey Mikes, a new sub shop that opened near my place. I had a coupon for a free sandwich so I gave it a whirl. By the time I walked the 1/2 block home, the bun was so mushy from the 'Mike's way' sauce I could only eat half of it. I'm very happy it was free.

Wednesday - First monthly girls dinner at Le Town Talk. I had the Salad Verte and Marseille Burger with the OKO Cabernet. All of it was good, nice price point and our server was friendly. The restaurant is super cute and on the small side, which I like.

 Tuesday - Backtracking to Tuesday, I went to a family friends house who was hosting a doTERRA essential oil party. My mom has really been in to this for about a week now and there were really only two reasons why I cancelled my original plans (a date) to go to this. 1) I wanted to see my cousins 4 week old baby who is the smallest peanut ever and oh so adorable 2) I thought it was a bit of a scam and wanted to see what my mom was getting in to.

First, when we arrived we were greeted with home made kombucha; cantaloupe, grape and blueberry lemon flavors, tea with homemade almond milk and homemade quinoa brownies. Everything was delicious and I was floored 1) that I really liked all three kombuchas 2) the brownies were some of the best that I've had.

After everyone arrived, passed the baby around and got settled, the presentation began. I guess it wasn't even really a presentation because she wasn't selling anything to us, more sharing her stories of how the oils have helped her and her family and letting us test the product, smell the oils and learn about what they do.

In my training for my half marathon next week I've been dealing with horrible shin splints and a swollen knee. It doesn't matter how much ibuprofin I take or how much I ice my leg, the pain is there and it wakes me up in the middle of the night, several times a night. I took one drop of doTERRA's Deep Blue oil and rubbed it from my knee to my ankle and within seconds I could feel the cooling sensation and slowly the pain subsided. I slept all night with no leg pain.

As the night went on, the slight headache I had been battling all day was really starting to pound harder so I tried the Past-tense roller on my temples and again, within probably two minutes I could feel a slight tingle on my temples and the pain seemed to just float away.

As a gift from the host we all walked away with a bottle of the Wild Orange which we were told, if rubbed on the bottom of your feet will help you sleep through the night. So, on top of the leg pain I've been having, I've also just been having a tough time falling asleep and staying asleep. For the last two nights, after rubbing a dab of Wild Orange doTERRA essential oil on the bottom of my feet, I have slept like a baby.

Part of me thought maybe this was all just a mind game. You know when you think something hurts and then it does. Or, you just rubbed magical oil on your head, leg and feet so now all your pain will vanish and you will sleep well all through the night. But I can say I'm a 90% believer that essential oils do have the power to heal you in a natural way. My leg has been very bothersome for the last 36 hours because all I've had is ice and ibuprofin to stop the pain...well the pain has not stopped.

The only reason there is still that 10% of doubt is because of the way we all believe the only way to heal ourselves is through a prescription. It's the American way.

If I can limit the amount of pills I pop by rubbing a single drop of oil on me, by George I'll do it.

Folks, that's just half of my week. I have a second date tonight and a good friend of mine is coming to town tomorrow for the Gopher football game and will be staying with me. I am so excited to go to The Bank and tailgate! It's basically my biggest regret for not finishing college. I don't have a team to cheer for.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Review 29

Friday after work Kari and I headed up to the cabin for the weekend. When we arrived mom had dinner ready for us before we headed to the neighbors for a few drinks.

Saturday's agenda was just to get the boat lift out of the water, the kayak/paddleboard across the street and to rake the yard and burn the leaves. Since dad wasn't with us this weekend, we asked the neighbor guys if they could help get the lift out in exchange for beer and dinner.

It was a little tricky because the pins to keep the legs down are at the base of the lift, which means someone is going to get wet. Then the legs wouldn't stay up so they kept dragging on the bottom of the lake. To top it off, one of the tires fell off when we put the lift in this Spring so you couldn't just roll it out.

Bob has a UTV with a wench on the front, so once the guys got the legs up we were able to connect it to the lift and it was pulled right in. Sounds a lot easier said than done, but at least the lift is out of the water and we don't have to worry about that for several months.

The weather on Saturday was ideal. It was sunny, there was a slight breeze and just warm enough that a t-shirt around a fire kept you comfortable.

Miley loved spending time outside laying in the grass getting as much sun as possible.

I made a great fall drink for us to enjoy outside, apple cider, bourbon and cinnamon sticks warmed up on the stove. We added an apple too.

Later in the day my cousins came over and we had a fire at the neighbors before heading inside to make dinner for everyone and have a fire inside. We sat around chatting and face-timing dad who was stuck at home with Trixie taking care of a bum leg.

Just as Kari and I were packing up to leave the cabin on Sunday, Sarah and Kelly asked if we wanted to meet them in St. Paul for some football. Since St. Paul is on the way home, we met them for a beer and some burgers and a horrible Vikings loss.

Somehow I've managed to book my week from now until Sunday which means one of two things will happen. 1) I'll be broke and dead tired come Sunday and I'll sleep the day away 2) Every single plan will be cancelled and I'll be going stir crazy for something to do. It's always all or nothing it seems.

Happy Monday!

Friday, October 10, 2014

iPhone Picture Dump

Coming attcha with an iPhone photo dump. Trying not to duplicate what's been posted to IG, Twitter or FB. Speaking of FB, make sure to follow my new page here! I don't post much, but if you follow my page then you would have heard about how BookIt! is coming back and offered alums a free personal pan pizza!

 I was very happy to see that the 80's are coming back in style with nude panty hose, thick white socks scrunched down just so, and white sneakers. When can I whip out my socks with the lace trim or roll my socks to make donuts around my ankles? Has that come back in style yet?

Health and Safety fair at work today. I manned the safety booth. Those signs are my handy work. The whistles were a hit, especially since there was a double parking ramp assault mid day this week. Luckily, just before the fair, we were able to announce the perp was in custody.

 I'm sorry. I can't resist this view!

5 Miles on the treadmill the other night. PSA to all you gym rats, please be kind and wipe down your machine. I picked the last treadmill and it was soaked in sweat. Very disgusting. That's how people catch ebola.

Bocce Ball league officially started with it's meet & greet earlier this week. I think this will be a ton of fun. The managers of this bar are pretty cool which makes it all the better.

Last Thursday the Vikings got completely trampled by the Packers. I needed wine to make it to half time before changing channels. I also found a pair of those wine glasses at Marshalls and I love them!

Every girl picks up some screws with her personal products, no? The face wash and lotion have been life changing to my skin. 

Getting better about packing my own lunch and making it healthier. Fun way to mix up the flavor and save some cals on the wrap is to use hummus instead of mayo. This week has been jalapeno hummus to give it a kick. Plus it's great for dipping those veggies.

Awesome Beyonce song. Also check out Flawless and Partition.